Mommy/baby spa day

This is the post excerpt.


Ok, what new mom doesn’t want a spa day? I had been pacing holes into my floor trying to get my baby to stop crying or fall asleep. I decided we needed to try something relaxing for both of us. I went to a local masseuse who was awesome. This was my review;

I just had a baby and we were both in need of Marja’s help. My son has had colic, as well as some issues with his tummy and being regular, and typical fussiness with growth spurts. I breastfeed my son and tried changing my diet in hopes to help his tummy, to no avail. I was at my wits end as well as sore myself. My low back was killing me from all of the stress of labor, surgery, sleepness nights, breastfeeding positions, and the countless hours pacing him around the house. I wasnt sure massage would be a cure all, but trying it was the best thing ive done. We went in and Marja used reflexology, some calming oils and infant massage on the baby. He screamed his way thru the beginning of the massage before quieting and enjoying the experience. After his spa day, i laid on the table and nursed him on my side while Marja started on my back. It was glorious, relaxing, and my son was happy. We left Halsa and the little one took a 3 hour nap (unheard of for him) starting in the car ride home. He woke up in a great mood amd immediately exploded 3 days of pent up breast milk from his tummy. Almost instantly he was back to his happy, smily self. Today is the second day after seeing Marja. I feel amazing, my son is happy and finally napping again as i write this. To any new moms, i highly suggest a mommy/baby spa day with Marja. It makes a world of difference for both of you. 
You can have the same experience at http://www.halsa.com



Every new mama needs a rocker, crib, changing table (4 more sets of hands) and let’s be real, it’s overwhelming financially to buy it all so we price shop. I found some great deals on Wayfair so I made some purchases. My next review was my experience with Wayfair.


These are strictly my own personal experiences, and others may have better luck. But I had CRAPPY luck dealing with wayfair. One of the items in question was a cushy, electric rocker/recliner. I was so excited to get it. Unfortunately it took over a month past the quoted delivery date. I had to call to see where it was and what the hold up was. I spoke to customer service who told me it was delayed due to weather. Fine, but why did no one call or email me to tell me that? This is an $800 chair after tax and delivery is included. Not like a $20 order of cotton balls. I still didn’t get it in the following week that customer service had newly promised. So I called back and was transferred to a manager who changed the story and said it wasn’t weather, it was the warehouses fault. Nothing like playing the blame game….3 phone calls and no rocker later, I finally was getting upset when I had to call back. Mind you that I was promised calls back each time and never received not a one! The 5th time I called I asked if I could just cancel my order, I needed to rock my baby. First I was told yes, then I was told no, then I was told I could but I’d have to return the chair (you know, the one I hadn’t gotten yet) and I had to pay a restocking fee of $180. ON A CHAIR THAT WAS NEVER UNSTOCKED! I finally said I would just wait for the chair and not cancel the order. This was definitely shopping abuse, and it’s not the first time I’ve had problems with Wayfair. Suffice to say, I learned my lesson. Thank you for setting me straight Wayfair. I wouldn’t put myself thru that again so I wouldn’t recommend them or order from them in the future.


You may see a trend in how I shop after reading my last post and this post. I don’t want to do any more work then I have to, so you tell me that I can get groceries without leaving my house too?! My next review is PeaPod.


I was a little unsure how I would feel about this one. I am very particular about my produce and meat selection. So I was rocking the baby in one hand and grocery shopping from my phone in the other hand. So far so good. I was impressed by the selection that PeaPod offers, the price is comparable to the larger chain stores, and they have the same specials and deals you would find in person. One of the best features of ordering groceries online is that you spend less. I always walk out of Jewel with things I don’t need, but that’s not an issue with PeaPod. The ordering is easy enough, they give you a coupon for free delivery for the first handful of orders (after that it’s $6.99 for delivery). You choose what time you’d like to have your order delivered and poof, they show up like grocery fairies and bring all the bags into the kitchen for you. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve only had a few issues in the groceries I’ve received, I’ve ordered weekly for 5 months and have gotten bad bananas once, bad bread once, and something I’ve ordered ended up being out of stock . ¬†Overall I would definitely recommend PeaPod to a new mama.




Amazon and Alexa

I must say how difficult it is to lug around a baby, diaper bag, and infant seat. I see so many of you moms do it, I just can’t! I don’t know how you all manage! I mean, who needs a working back, right?! My next review is for Amazon, including Alexa.

Let me start by saying “I love you Amazon”, and your free 2 day shipping! I don’t know what I would do without Amazon. Of course you have to be a prime member to enjoy the perks, but it’s so worth it! I spend $99 a year to have free shipping, special deals, and enjoy the use of Alexa (which I’ll get to in a minute). They have diaper subscriptions, formula subscriptions, baby shampoo and lotion subscriptions, and for those of you that have animals, they have pet food subscriptions. You can tailor any of these to be delivered at any time frame with free shipping! I order all of that, plus clothes for the little one and myself, toiletries, the list goes on. I also have Alexa, which is heaven sent. ($179 at bedbathandbeyond or amazon) I’m rocking my baby and he gets a little fussy. I say, “Alexa, play nursery rhymes” and my house fills with tunes to put baby to sleep. Once baby is asleep I ask her to tell me the time, or the weather, or to turn up the heat. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Amazon and Alexa. They are like personal assistants! I would recommend to any new mom!